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* Educational Leadership: Providing vision and direction for the school's academic programs, ensuring alignment with educational standards and goals.

* Administrative Management: Overseeing daily operations, including scheduling, budgeting, staffing, and facilities management.

* Curriculum Development: Collaborating with staff to develop and implement effective teaching strategies and curriculum enhancements.

* Student Discipline: Establishing and enforcing disciplinary policies to maintain a safe and productive learning environment.

* Teacher Supervision: Supporting and evaluating teachers through observation, feedback, and professional development opportunities.

* Parent and Community Engagement: Building positive relationships with parents, families, and community stakeholders to foster support for the school's mission and initiatives.

* Student Support Services: Providing resources and support for student counseling, special education, and extracurricular activities.

* School Culture: Cultivating a positive and inclusive school culture based on respect, diversity, and academic excellence.

* Crisis Management: Responding effectively to emergencies and critical incidents, ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.

* Professional Development: Engaging in ongoing learning and professional development to stay current with educational trends and best practices.


* Master's degree in education administration, educational leadership, or a related field.

* Significant teaching experience, preferably at multiple grade levels and in diverse educational settings.

* Experience in educational administration, school management, or leadership roles.

* Commitment to fostering a positive school culture, promoting academic excellence, and supporting the success of all students.

* Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with diverse stakeholders.

Job Details
Job Location Delhi ,India
Employment Type Full Time
Experience Required 2 - 6 Yrs.
Salary Range 150000 - 300000 Per Month
Min Qualification Regular Graduation
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